June, 2018

City Gate urban bicycle sharing service

We are glad to announce that the i’velo urban bicycle sharing service is now open in City Gate. With i’velo you have the access to the most modern and suitable transport in town.

Due to the fact that City Gate is a green building that continuously supports the healthiest way of life, our guests will benefit of easy use, time - saving and anti - pollution.

You make a monthly subscription, go to the nearest stand and grab a bike , within one hour you are free to ride before you have to handback at the nearest i’velo station. 

You can go to meetings in the central area city, avoiding parking you can go to the restaurants with your colleagues youcanspend the lunchbreak in the park

13 stations 
250 bicycles
24 / 7
Daily maintenance
Access to system based subscription

I’velo urban – the potential to improve our tenants’ health, wealth and standard of living